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25th Jul 2016

There is absolutely no doubt over who should be blamed for Lionel Messi’s new hairdo

He shouldn't have trusted him

Ben Kiely

There’s only one guilty party here.

Lionel Messi caught everyone off guard recently when he unveiled his new peroxide blonde hairdo. While he wasn’t the first footballer to try to get away with the Slim Shady look, people just weren’t prepared to see the football icon like this, particularly after growing so accustomed to seeing him rock his short back and sides in recent years.

Whenever a dodgy haircut emerges, the finger of blame can only be pointed at either one of two people – the barber or the customer.

Everyone at one point in their life has inexplicably decided to deviate from their tried and tested haircut that has never let them down before in favour of something drastically different. Everyone knows that crushing feeling when the barber holds up that weird little mirror and you have to politely fight back the shame and politely nod when inside you’re screaming, “Why did I think this would be a good idea?”

However, it looks like this isn’t what happened to poor Leo, according to an Instagram post from his barber, Ariel Bermudez.

Bermudez basically outed himself as the guilty party in the situation by sharing an image of Messi fresh from the dye-job with the following caption:

“Always a pleasure to do what I like… I enjoy… I have fun and who better than you Leo… thank you for trusting me and enjoy life with this small details.”

You can tell from the look on the Barcelona star’s face that he was absolutely thrilled that he decided to trust his barber’s suggestion.


Messi worried barber


Messi worried barber 1


Messi worried barber 2

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