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04th Apr 2017

The #WengerOut campaign reaches a new (and quite brilliant) low as protesters turn up at the club training ground

We don't know whether to laugh or cringe...

Simon Lloyd

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last couple of years (possibly longer), you’ll be more than well aware that some Arsenal supporters want Arsene Wenger to step down as the club’s manager.

They’ve not exactly been subtle about it, either. Banners at matches, chartered aeroplanes flying over the Hawthorns, a lengthy back catalogue of ArsenalFan TV rants… they’ve certainly made their feelings clear.

But on Tuesday morning, we saw something a little bit different from the #WengerOut brigade. With Wenger due to give a press conference ahead of Arsenal’s game with West Ham on Wednesday, a couple of supporters took their protest to gates of the club’s training ground.

Frankly, we’re not sure how serious this actually is. For the sake of the two grown men that have dressed up as Arsene Wenger and Alexis Sanchez, we hope this proves to be one of those publicity stunts pulled by a betting company, or simply an elaborate tongue-in-cheek joke at the expense of real anti-Wenger protesters.

If it does prove to be a joke, we can probably start to admire the trouble they’ve gone to and their attention to detail. The ‘fourth place trophy’, the home-made Wenger and Sanchez masks and even the two replica golden retrievers that sit either side of the man posing as Sanchez – a nod to the Chilean’s beloved dogs, Atom and Humber.

The man posing as Wenger has even nailed the Arsenal boss’s fumbling attempt to zip up his coat…

Sadly, the things we’ve seen over the last few years tells us that this might actually be a genuine protest.

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