The stumbling blocks that could prevent Antonio Conte from taking Man United job 1 month ago

The stumbling blocks that could prevent Antonio Conte from taking Man United job

Conte would be open to the role, but it may take some convincing

Manchester United's 5-0 thrashing against rivals Liverpool seemed to signal the start of the end of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on Sunday.


Solskjaer's body language and facial expressions painted the face of a man who knows he is destined to be heading for the exit door at Old Trafford sooner rather than later and according to the Manchester Evening News, Antonio Conte could be the man to replace him.

Reports suggest that the Italian would be open to taking the job, but he does have some reservations and would require certain assurances if he was to take over the Red Devils.

Two of the biggest concerns surround the uncertainty in the United hierarchy and the potential of having so-called "marketable players" that do not suit his philosophy forced upon him - no idea who he might be thinking of there.

In regard to the first point, the top-order at United off the pitch is just as messy as on it at the moment, with executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward still serving out his notice until the end of the calendar year.

Then to the second point. Conte is renowned for a strict style of play and won't have any passengers in his side. He's very set about his ways and needs a certain calibre of player in order for his system to work.

Currently at United, there is an abundance of luxury talents who might be reluctant to fully buy into Conte's demands.


It's worth remembering as well that Conte was in talks with Tottenham Hotspur in the summer, but did not take the job, with reports suggesting the club's lack of ambition was primary reason. The same could be said of United.

Conte won't be there to try to get back into the top four and say job well done. He will want to win trophies and he will want them quickly.

When given the licence to operate with full control, it's almost a guaranteed winning formula. He's proved that time and time again with Chelsea, Juventus and Inter Milan.

If Manchester United are genuinely serious about returning to the top and becoming the best team in English football, they will have to give Conte the backing and assurances he needs.