The secrets to mixing crowd noise for football broadcasts 1 year ago

The secrets to mixing crowd noise for football broadcasts

Ever wondered how they make the crowd noise for the telly?

There are two types of football fans: those who love crowd noise and those who would rather listen to Chris Wilder shout "Bashy! Bashy! Bashy!" for 90 minutes.


The addition of crowd noise has undoubtedly enhanced the viewing experience for football fans in these ridiculous times. That hubbub of indistinct shouting and cheering just takes the edge off, briefly making you forget that there are no fans in the ground, and the reasons why.

Then the DJ presses the wrong button and crowd cheer a missed chance and you're brought back down to earth.

But it is good, in my opinion. How is it done, though? We spoke to DAZN's Andrés Salazar, who mixes the crowd noise for their Bundesliga broadcasts, to find out.


While in the Premier League, they take sounds from EA Sports' library, which are presumably taken from real games, DAZN do it slightly differently.

Andrés explains that the audio from the previous meeting between the two clubs is used to created a 15 minute loop which acts as a bed throughout the game. Then, the reactions are mixed in on top.

Watch the video below to find out more.