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01st Sep 2019

The JOE Monday Football Quiz: Week 37

Back after a brief hiatus, it's the JOE Monday Football Quiz, featuring three rounds: The weekend's action, general knowledge and the famous wikipedia round

Reuben Pinder

Back after a brief hiatus, the football quiz is back

What a weekend of football. There were plenty of goals, red cards, thrills and spills in the Premier League, and a 16 (SIXTEEN) year-old scored in LaLiga. These events will feature in round one, which focuses on the weekend’s action, while round two will test your general footballing knowledge.

Round three is the famous Wikipedia round, in which you will have to identify a player from a list of clubs they’ve played for.

No pixelated players this week due to complaints that it was too hard – fair – as well as the fact that I’m making this on a Sunday night while Wayne is in Manchester.

Good luck!