The JOE Monday Football Quiz: Week 26 2 years ago

The JOE Monday Football Quiz: Week 26

Monday, Monday, so good to me

Hopefully you have been singing that song all day, jovially trotting around the world to the annoyance of people who hate Monday, a day which - let's face it - is one of only seven that exist. When you break it down like that, it's pretty weird to dislikeĀ 14.285714 percent of existence, you know?


Life is a precious thing, so to go through it dreading such a large portion of it is a little silly.

Then again, maybe you stubbed your toe this morning, or accidentally put salt in your tea instead of sugar. Maybe you burned your toast TWICE and then, upon finally perfecting the sacred art of warming bread up in a machine designed specifically for it, realised you have no butter in the fridge.

Or maybe, just maybe, your team was beaten for the first time in the league under its interim manager yesterday thanks to a mistake by your keeper and a very soft penalty. Yeah, Monday is shit.

Here's the quiz.