The JOE Monday Football Quiz: Week 24 2 years ago

The JOE Monday Football Quiz: Week 24

Monday, bloody Monday

That isn't how the U2 song goes, it goes "Sunday, Bloody Sunday", and it was about something very different to simply not enjoying a particular day, as Alan Partridge learned one gassy lunchtime.

Nonetheless, a lot of people dislike Monday. Some people even say things like 'ooh, do you have a case of the Mondays?' and to those people I say "Don't ever say that to me. Ever".

We are not those people though. We like Monday. It is the start of the week and importantly, this Monday - today - is very warm and sunny outside. Also I finish early today.

Most crucially though, Monday is the day that the JOE Monday Football Quiz comes out. Here is that quiz. If you're reading this it is now out. Enjoy, and happy Monday.