The 10 coolest UFC fighters of all time 4 years ago

The 10 coolest UFC fighters of all time

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Sure, we have championship belts, and win-loss records, and pound-for-pound lists. Yet they only tell us who are the ‘best’ fighters in the world. But what about the coolest? As opposed to the guys who spend all their time in the gym training, studying the art and eating healthily, what about the dudes who entertain us the most? The guys with the swagger, the attitude, the gift of the gab, and those indefinable qualities that keep us glued to the screen.


Sport is about incredible human achievement, but it also about the characters, and the human stories. It takes a very special type of person to step into the Octagon and put it all on the line. These are the ten fighters that are the coolest, the most stylish, and the slickest, even if their career stats might not always match up to their personas.


Rampage Jackson


With his big personality, and iconic chain around his neck, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson helped laid the foundations of UFC’s worldwide popularity in the 2000s. And when Hollywood decided to remake The A-Team, they turned to Rampage to fill Mr. T’s very big shoes. Anyone who could pull off being BA Baracus is cool in our book.


Don Frye

The reason this MMA legend and UFC Hall of Famer makes the list can be summed up in two words: porn ‘tache. That manly push-broom facial hair just oozes Magnum PI cool. Plus he once appeared in a Godzilla film and even managed to upstage the big G himself.



Anthony Pettis

Two words: Matrix kick.




Shonie Carter

To step into the Octagon you need to be a big character, but there’s not many characters in UFC history that have been bigger than Shonie Carter. A former marine who fought all over the world, Carter’s loud suits, kilts, top hats decorated with bullets, and general over-the-top antics made him stand out – just watch him teaching GSP to pimp walk on  The Ultimate Fighter 4. And anyone who can bust out a spinning backfist like him has to be cool.

Anderson Silva

People call him Spider-Man and he likes to dance to Michael Jackson. Nuff said.

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle was a charismatic bro beach bum who looked more like he belonged playing bass with Kurt Vile or Mac DeMarco than fighting in a cage. Despite his laid-back charm and strong fight record (ending on a four consecutive wins streak, if we ignore after-the-fact NCs), he was booted out of the company in 2014 after testing positive for marijuana. He’s since turned his hand to pro-wrestling, where his natural likeability has made him an instant fan favourite on the indies across America and Europe.


Nate Diaz

As cool as Conor McGregor is, once you get to his level, you become the man. And no one is cooler than the scrappy underdog that stands up to the man. That's what Nick Diaz became, the tough-nosed Californian who personified every MMA fan who didn’t buy into the hype, and just wished Conor would shut his mouth. Sometimes you don’t need a fur coat and mountains of cash to be cool – just the guts to fight, and give someone a Stockton slap to the face.


Rory MacDonald

Outside of the Octagon, it seems like your average MMA star rarely strays far from the reliable combo of tribal print tees and stonewashed jeans. Former UFC and current Bellator welterweight Rory MacDonald bucks that trend, strutting up to press conferences in immaculate tailored suits. Very strong Peaky Blinders vibes here.

Yoshihiro Akiyama

Some people might tell you that Conor McGregor is the coolest person to step into the Octagon. Those people would obviously be unaware of the Japanese-Korean judoka dubbed ‘Sexyama’ by the fans. Yoshihiro Akiyama has the demeanour of a Japanese George Clooney. He'll rock a suit with the poise of a golden age Hollywood star, and then the next day step out decked in Gucci and Supreme.


Conor McGregor

Of course Conor would be high on this list. There’s no way he couldn’t. A brilliantly entertaining fighter, the best trash-talker in the world and the only man on Earth who can pull off a “F*ck You” pinstripe suit. The walk, the swagger, the attitude, it’s all there.

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