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03rd Feb 2016

Swansea City fans criticised for disgusting chants about Darren Fletcher’s health issues

Bellow the belt

Ben Kiely

Darren Fletcher dealt with the nasty chants aimed at him against Swansea with dignity and class.

Fletcher was subjected to taunts over his ulcerative colitis, a bowel condition he suffers from a section of the away support at the Hawthorns.

After arguing with the referee and linesman over a failure to award his side a corner, some Swansea supporters believed the Scotland international was confronting Ki Sung-yueng, who was lying in the penalty area with what appeared to be a serious head injury.

“I didn’t see their player was injured and I was complaining that it should’ve been a corner to us. They took exception as their lad had what looked to be a serious injury – but I honestly didn’t see him.”

The West Brom skipper confirmed that this was what caused the taunts over his health issues to begin, but admitted that they didn’t really upset him.

“Their fans then gave me a bit of stick about my illness. It’s part and parcel of the game, the West Brom fans gave me a bit of support – so I gave them a clap back. I’m big enough to accept it, it’s fine by me – doesn’t bother me one bit.”

Swansea City denied any knowledge of chants about Darren Fletcher’s illness from their supporters during the match, speaking to Wales Online.

“We would not condone any chanting towards a player regarding any health issues. However, staff from the club were present in the away end last night and have confirmed that they were unaware of any such chants.”