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04th Nov 2018

JOE readers’ best and worst ideas for improving professional football

Wayne Farry


We asked for suggestions and, boy howdy, you did not disappoint

During the week there were a number of leaks printed by Der Spiegel in Germany and subsequently published by the world’s media outlets regarding FIFA and world football in general.

Aside from the usual stuff suggesting impropriety by the eternally honest and principled people in Zurich, there was one leak which stood out to everyone: the fact that Europe’s top clubs are strongly pushing for the creation of a European Super League.

The proposed Super League would see 16 of Europe’s top teams featured, with 11 of them – known not at all creepily as “the founders” – guaranteed to avoid relegation with memberships of 20 years. The other five sides would be known as “guests”.

So, yeah, it’s a fucking dreadful idea designed to further fill the pockets of elite football’s already very filled pockets, and it would almost certainly make football worse.

But it did give us an idea: what other proper changes could be made to football to actually improve it? So we asked you all. The responses ranged from really quite good, to clearly jokes, to ones which unfortunately were not jokes but still quite bad. We’ll let you decide which are which. Enjoy.

So there we have it. Some of the suggestions are decent and some are, well, let’s just say that we hope none of you ever find yourselves in positions of authority within football.