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08th Oct 2018

Steph Curry makes yet another impossible half-court shot look so effortless

Will Lavin

Steph Curry continues to make all other basketball players look like mere mortals

This past weekend the Golden State Warriors hosted the Sacramento Kings in a pre-season game at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. While the game itself was full of highlights it was actually a pre-game moment that whipped fans into a frenzy.

And who caused such a moment? Steph Curry, of course.

During a chat at half-court with coach Steve Kerr, the ball in Steph’s hands gets away from him and after bending down to recover it the superstar point guard for the NBA champions flicks the ball behind his head and it goes where? In the basket, where else?

Is there anything Steph Curry can’t do with a basketball?

Definitely a rhetorical question because the answer is of course always no, Steph is not of this world. Worth every penny of his $201 million contract, the caption that accompanied the Instagram clip uploaded by NBC Sports Bay Area read:

“Best shooter of all-time and it’s not even close.”

Is there even an argument here?

Chris Mullen. Reggie Miller. Ray Allen. Kyle Korver. Who could rival the NBA’s only ever unanimous MVP?

Watch the clip below:

The 2018/2019 NBA season kicks off on October 17th.

The first night’s fixtures are as follows:

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers

Golden State Warriors v Oklahoma City Thunder