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15th May 2017

Spurs fan’s attempt to take seat from White Hart Lane will break your heart

Some say he is still there

Darragh Murphy

After 118 years of memories, Tottenham Hotspur have waved goodbye to White Hart Lane.

Victor Wanyama and Harry Kane found the net in Spurs’ 2-1 victory over Manchester United on Sunday in what was a memorable farewell for the sell-out crowd.

Season-ticket holders were told that they could purchase their seats for a fee of £50, with work on the stadium set to get underway on Monday morning.

£50 is a lot of money though and some supporters took their pursuit of mementoes into their own hands.

One in particular displayed a tireless desire to take his seat home with him without having forked over the fee.

Twitter-user @CaughtOffside posted the heart-rending below of a determined fan who simply would not give up in his steadfast attempts to remove a seat from the stands.

He kicked, it didn’t budge.

He ripped, nothing.

He stood one level above and jumped with all his might, but it would not give.

Some say he is still there, bouncing away and asking the construction crew for a loan of a hammer.

We don’t condone this behaviour by any means but, for his sake, we hope he got his piece of blue plastic because we’ve never seen someone want for something with such passion.