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19th Apr 2017

Take a minute to look at the grin on Graeme Souness’ face as he admits he voted for Brexit

A man who doesn't regret his decision

Darragh Murphy

Graeme Souness is not ashamed to admit that he’s a Brexit guy.

Souness, a man you don’t often associate with the act of smiling, simply couldn’t hold back his joy as he revealed the side to which he swayed during last June’s referendum.

The former Liverpool and Rangers hard man was on punditry duty for Irish television station TV3 on Tuesday night to give his take on the Champions League action which saw Leicester eliminated from the competition thanks to an Atletico Madrid away goal.

Souness, possibly the world’s greatest proponent of traditionalism, was lamenting the days when English football prided itself on aggressive challenges and direct tactics when, all of a sudden, he was asked whether he’d voted for Brexit.

“English football is the most popular game in the world to watch because it’s generally end-to-end with things happening,” Souness said.

“What we can’t have – and I’ll give you another example – I live down on the south coast of England and I went to watch Bournemouth play Swansea City three weeks ago.

“I came away with my 17-year-old son saying ‘I didn’t enjoy that.’

“It was like watching Dutch game of football, lots of nice little, pretty technique with little passes. There was no fire. There was nobody smashing into anyone.

“There was no real anger in the game. It was just about trying to outpass each other and just maybe they’d get a chance at the end of it.”

Cue the question from presenter Tommy Martin on whether he voted for Brexit or not…

“I certainly did,” Souness answered as he allowed himself the most satisfied grin you’ve literally ever seen on the Scot’s face.