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09th Mar 2022

Snooker player apologises for drunk arrival at Turkish Masters

Callum Boyle

He was also knocked out in the first round

Snooker player Robert Milkins has apologised after he arrived to the opening ceremony of the inaugural Turkish Masters drunk.

The world number 44 admitted that he was “out of it” after he had been drinking heavily to celebrate his birthday and required hospital treatment after he fell and split open his chin.

Milkins, nicknamed ‘The Milkman,’ apologised for his behaviour in Antalya and expressed his regret at what had happened.

“It was my birthday and I had been drinking for a long time but that is no excuse and I know that,” he said, as per the BBC via the Daily Mail.

“I can only apologise to any guests I offended that night. I wouldn’t have known who it was.

“And I have apologised to the organisers and the hotel. It is the first time snooker has come to Turkey and my behaviour was totally out of order.

“When I got to the toilet I lost my legs and think I hit my chin on the sink or the ground, cutting it open. I was almost knocked out, and I’m pretty sure I have broken ribs. If I had my stomach pumped I don’t remember that either.”

Milkins added on Twitter that the situation was “not as bad as it’s made to sound” and that only he was injured in the boozy incident.

“Not as bad as it’s made to sound pal,” he tweeted in response to another user.

“Nobody got hurt apart from myself, and obviously upset a few which I deeply regret. I said sorry to all the Turkish people and world snooker and they’ve all been great with me!”