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27th Apr 2019

Sevilla mock Premier League teams over race for Champions League football

Sevilla indulged in some excellent banter with their Premier League counterparts on Twitter this Saturday, offering to take a Champions League spot

Reuben Pinder

I mean, they have a point

Tottenham Hotspur lost to West Ham this weekend. Arsenal lost to Wolves midweek. Chelsea drew to Burnley last weekend. Manchester United lost to Manchester City midweek, having lost 4-0 to Everton a few days before.

It seems like none of what I’m now going to call The Other Four of the Big Six actually want to qualify for the Champions League, given their repeated failure to capitalise on their rivals’ slip-ups in the league.

Meanwhile in Spain, the battle for fourth is equally compelling but for different reasons. Traditional big clubs Sevilla and Valencia are trailing behind dark horses Getafe in the race for fourth, with the usual big three above them.

With Getafe seemingly refusing to slip up and allow Sevilla to overtake them, the Andalusian club have made light of their frustrating situation by requesting the Premier League offer them the Champions League slot that none of their teams seem to want.

“Yo, Premier League, if none of your teams want 4th place could you just give it to us? Would make life easier,” the club’s English account tweeted.

Good banter, if you ask me.