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18th Nov 2018

Sergio Ramos ‘likes’ Instagram image of Dejan Lovren crying

Simon Lloyd


Dejan Lovren doesn’t like Sergio Ramos. Or at least that’s what we’re assuming, given the last couple of days.

The Spain defender, who – wrongly or rightly – has earned himself a reputation for being a bit of a bastard down the years, upset Liverpool players and fans alike for the role he played in prematurely ending Mo Salah’s Champions League final last May.

Lovren came up against him again on Thursday night as his Croatia side earned a last-gasp victory over Spain in the Uefa Nations League.

After the game, the Liverpool defender appeared to aim a post-match Instagram Live rant at Ramos, also appearing to take great delight at an image he shared on the platform which showed the immediate aftermath of him elbowing the Real Madrid skipper in the head. Accidentally, probably.

Some, including those who have to spend time writing about it, might have hoped this was the end of the matter, once and for all. It was not.

Ramos, Instagram users have noticed, has responded – albeit in a relatively subtle way – by ‘liking’ an Instagram post featuring the two men.

A split image shows Lovren and Ramos shortly after full-time in last May’s Champions League final in Kiev. A grinning Ramos cradles the European Cup in his arms while, in contrast, Lovren can be seen sobbing at the defeat.

Please, as gloriously petty as this is, let this be the last of it.