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11th Oct 2016

Scotland fans have an absolute meltdown after the team get hammered by Slovakia

"You useless wee slug"

Robert Redmond

Hell hath no fury like an angry Scotsman.


And our Celtic cousins have had plenty to be angry about when it comes to football for almost 20 years.

Scotland, a nation that consistently produced brilliant footballers for decades, haven’t qualified for a major tournament since 1998, and it looks like it’ll be another four years, at least, before they return to the big stage of international football.

Gordon Strachan’s side lost 3-0 away to Slovakia on Tuesday night, and are now in fourth position in their qualification group for the World Cup.

The crushing defeat away to Slovakia comes a few days after Scotland’s disappointing 1-1 draw at home to Lithuania, and pressure is mounting on their manager.

Despite England’s goalless draw away to Slovenia, the Three Lions are almost certain to take top spot in the group and qualify for automatically for the tournament in Russia.

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Scotland will be lucky to make the play-off spot, and judging by the white hot rage of Scots on social media, Strachan will be lucky to last another week in the job.

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Catch up with the latest episode of Football Friday Live: