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01st Jul 2018

Scaffolders cover eight-storey block of flats with gigantic England flag

These guys have a sever case of World Cup fever

Reuben Pinder

It’s coming home…

You will be well aware by now that football is on its way home (ETA 15th July), which is truly wonderful news. A an epidemic of World Cup fever has swept across the nation, leading many to constantly sing popular 1996 and 1998 hit by The Lightning Seeds, ‘Three Lions’.

Some people take their World Cup fever to a whole different level though. Those with a severe case of the fever can’t simply restrain it to singing a few songs in a pub and wearing an England shirt to work. Oh no. Serious cases leads to people going to extremes, as a group of scaffolders have done.

A team of 10 scaffolders working on an eight-storey block of flats in East Sussex have ingeniously arranged the safety netting around the structure to display the St. George’s cross to show their support for our brave boys out in Russia.

It took approximately a week and the flag measures 120ft x 60 ft.

Steve Eason, whose staff led put the flag together said: “We did it because it’s sunny, it’s the World Cup, we wanted to put smiles on peoples’ faces and show we are behind the boys. We’ve had so much interest, it’s been great.

“We’re hopeful for Tuesday, and beyond.

“The flag is staying up for two months, whether they stay in or not.

“If they win, there’s several bits we will add. I might even add a gold World Cup to it.”