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25th Mar 2017

San Diego asks the public to name their new football team, you know what happens next

Rory Cashin

The spirit of Boaty McBoatface lives on.

As part of a $1 billion redevelopment program, a company has bought a stadium in San Diego and are hoping to attract a major league team into using it as their home base.

As part of the publicity campaign, the company opened up a competition to name the team to the public via their Facebook page, and with over 1,000 names eventually whittled down to a Top 20, the voting continues for the winner.

“We’re fun guys”, they said on a promotional campaign on their Facebook page. “We want it to be funny.”

Big mistake.

Among the names are the usual suspects – San Diego United, Atletico San Diego, San Diego Chargers, etc. – but the names leading the race are exactly the kind of names you’d expect to arrive whenever the internet is allowed to be involved.

First there was Boaty McBoatface then Gritty McGritterface. Ladies and gents, allow us to present to you…

Yep, that’s Footy McFooty Face leading the charge. In the few hours since this tweet and popularity has shot up, the San Diego Bad Hombres has now risen to second place, but Footy McFooty Face has only widened the lead.

If this name wins, they better follow through with it.