Samuel Umtiti confronts Barcelona fans after they try to block his car on road 1 month ago

Samuel Umtiti confronts Barcelona fans after they try to block his car on road

Umtiti confronted the small group of fans after they sat on his car

Barcelona defender Samuel Umtiti confronted a group of fans after they blocked and climbed onto his car on Wednesday afternoon.


Footage can be seen of Umtiti repeatedly beeping his horn whilst the small mob gathered round his car, shouting his name and laughing.

After a short while, in which the group refused to move away, Umtiti lost his patience and revved his car engine before accelerating to the end of the road, where he stopped and got out the car to walk towards the group.

One member of the group can be heard asking for a photo and despite agreeing to take one, the Frenchman confronted those around his car.

Speaking to the individual who climbed aboard Umtiti's car, he said "Do you know what respect is?"


Umtiti then continued to challenge the person, saying: "Do you know what it means? Do you know the word respect?

"Come here, will you pay for the car?"

The defender then walked away, visibly angry whilst members of the group continued to try and speak to the 28-year-old, who promptly got back in his car and prepared to drive off again.

Barcelona fans have shown displeasure towards Umtiti - who the club are actively trying to sell - on more than one occasion.

As reported by the Mirror, Umtiti was harassed in October by two individuals who removed the wheel caps from his car, leading the defender to release a video in which he tagged Barcelona and said: "I leave this here so that you can take action once and for all."


The former Lyon defender has yet to feature for Barça this season.

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