Rugby League player suffers freak injury after scoring try 4 months ago

Rugby League player suffers freak injury after scoring try

WARNING: Graphic content - may cause distress

Charlie Mills suffered a freak injury during an amateur rugby league game


An amateur rugby league player suffered a freak injury during his side's game on Sunday as a corner flag became impaled in his leg after he scored a try.

The game was delayed by an hour

Charlie Mills was playing for his local side, Saddleworth Rangers, when he crossed over the line to score a try against Rose Bridge in the National Conference League Division One.


However, as Mills celebrated his all-important try to bring Saddleworth into the game, he kicked the corner flag down before it promptly bounced back up and became stuck in his leg.

Paramedics and the fire brigade were called to the scene immediately, with the game delayed by over an hour to allow Mills to receive the appropriate treatment.

A tweet from Saddleworth said: "After an hour's delay for injury to @charliefmills following his try, @charlie.mcmanus gets the extras 20 - 12. Our best wishes go out to Charlie for his recovery."


Saddleworth's club secretary, Peter Townsend, told League Express: "The Fire Brigade cut away most of the post so Charlie could be put in the ambulance. He was taken to a special unit at Wigan to remove the embedded piece after a CT scan, to ensure that no arteries were damaged."

Photos of Mills in the hospital seem to show him handling the pain relatively well - however, it is extremely likely he was placed under anaesthetic when it came to removing the flag from his leg.


Social media's reaction

The rugby league world reacted to the painful incident with Leeds Rhinos legend Barrie McDermott tweeting: "Toughest man in RL this week goes to Charlie Mills from @SaddRangers that’s some story to tell your mates in the club house! We salute you my man."


Meanwhile, fans of the sport also reacted. One user said: "Good grief that sounds (and from subsequent photos looks) incredibly painful. Worth four points though."

Another user said: "Wow...tough guy indeed, this sounds horrific."


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