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15th Jul 2018

Roy Keane was disgusted by VAR penalty decision in World Cup final

"That decision disgusts me"

Reuben Pinder

“That decision disgusts me”

France went into half-time of the World Cup final 2-1 up thanks to a contentious penalty awarded to France after Ivan Perisic’s arm struck the ball inside the penalty box.

The referee was instructed to review his initial decision not to award the penalty and after minutes of indecision, he eventually gave the penalty. Griezmann slotted it away cooly, but ITV pundit Roy Keane was left fuming by the decision.

“Football is the greatest game in the world and that decision disgusts me,” he said. “The Croatians don’t deserve that.”

France extended lead in the second half, but this was a pivotal moment in the game that swung the momentum in France’s favour.