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12th Nov 2015

Ronda Rousey responds to outrageous claim from Australian doctor

Ben Kiely

MMA is creeping into the Australian mainstream media ahead of the massive UFC 193 card going down in Melbourne.

Although the Aussies have hosted a number of UFC events before, they’ve never quite experienced a card with as much hype as the upcoming event headlined by Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm.

Cards as gigantic as UFC 193 attract a lot of attention, which means that they also bring out the sport’s detractors. A prime example is Australian doctor Phil West, who came out with an outrageous claim to Aussie radio station 3aw, in which he linked the sport to potential child abuse.

“It’s brutal and savage. It’s potentially facilitating a form of child abuse within the state’s own legislation, which is emotional harm.”

UFC 193’s star Rousey was quick to respond to Dr West’s criticisms, giving a classy and composed response to News 7.

“I don’t believe it’s violent at all. I think it’s called martial arts for a reason, it’s an art. It might look a little graphic, it doesn’t actually mean it’s that dangerous. Most of the injuries in the sport are actually cosmetic.”