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22nd Jan 2017

Rod Stewart doing the Scottish Cup draw is the best thing you’ll watch all weekend

Note also the look of fear and bewilderment on Alan Stubbs' face

Rob Burnett

Rod Stewart is a huge football fan.

The singer famously had trials with Brentford as a boy, and has a full size pitch – complete with regulation sized goals and corner flats – in the back garden of his Essex mansion.

He is also a life-long Celtic fan and is always pictured on camera whenever the Bhoys are playing a big European tie against Barcelona or one of the other heavyweights.

His love of the game saw him invited along to pick out the home clubs in the draw for the Scottish Cup fifth round today, but little did the TV producers know it would lead to a brilliant few minutes of television.

Some have suggested Rod may have enjoyed a liquid lunch prior to his appearance, but perhaps this was simply the man’s natural exuberance at work.

Either way, he totally outplays opposite number Alan Stubbs when it comes to showmanship here.

Also worthy of note is the way he leaves the poor master of ceremonies hanging on for a handshake that never comes once the draw is concluded.

We still can’t decide if it’s Stewart’s wide overarm technique that’s the best bit, or the look of bafflement and fear on his co-hosts’ faces for the entire clip. We’ll leave it to you to decide…

Oh – and if you didn’t believe us about that pitch in his back yard, then here it is, along with an explanation of why an Essex boy supports a Scottish club:

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