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06th Nov 2015

Robbie Savage can’t resist having a dig back at John Terry claiming he’s insulting football fans

Does he have a point though?

Ben Kenyon

Whoever thought the day would come when you find yourself agreeing with Robbie Savage?

It’s an uncomfortable feeling, and perhaps only John Terry is capable of evoking such a strange scenario but, here we are, reading Savage’s column and nodding largely in agreement.

The BT Sports’ pundit, and former Strictly Come Dancing contestant, has hit back at Terry’s criticism. The Chelsea captain said earlier this week that he doesn’t respect Savage’s opinion of his poor performances because of his comparatively meagre career.

However Savage, writing in his column for The Mirror, has said that Terry’s assertion is, in effect, an insult to football fans, managers and basically anyone who loves the game, but wasn’t as successful on the pitch as the former England skipper.

“Terry has distanced him from the vast majority of people involved in football because he was effectively saying their opinions don’t matter,” Savage claims.

“That includes Sunday League amateurs who play the game for sheer enjoyment, and then retire to the pub for a pint and a bowl of chips, and one-club legends like Matt Le Tissier.

“That includes supporters who ring Six-0-Six to complain about a refereeing decision or demand a manager’s sacking, and players like Jamie Vardy who climb the pyramid from non-League to England caps.”


“That includes viewers who send us tweets on the Fletch & Sav show, punters who place bets with William Hill, and every player – professional or part-time – involved in the FA Cup first round this weekend.”

“I’ve never been an actor, but I know a good film when I see one. And I’ve never been a food critic, but I know a good meal when it’s on my plate.”

“If high-profile players are stung by criticism of their performances, it should be the opinion that hurts, not the person behind it.

Each and every one of us is entitled to an opinion, whether the Chelsea captain agrees with us or not.”

The-41 year-old also hit out at the journalists present for Terry’s barb, and offered his services for when he retires from punditry. However, he unfortunately didn’t provide a retirement date.

“Terry’s little dig at me, which was greeted by sycophantic laughter from journalists in the room, did not hurt. I get hammered on Twitter, some of it vicious personal abuse, almost on a daily basis.”

“Perhaps, when I’m finished as a pundit, John will give me a job polishing all those trophies and medals he’s won!”