Riyad Mahrez calls out The Sun for making up quotes 8 months ago

Riyad Mahrez calls out The Sun for making up quotes

'Never said this or anything close to this'

Riyad Mahrez has called out The Sun for making up a quote he apparently said about his fellow Manchester City teammates and their opinions surrounding other clubs.


After the Football For All Twitter account shared a supposed quote from the much-maligned tabloid, Mahrez was quick to quote retweet the post and shut it down.


Mahrez isn't the first footballer to take issue with the newspaper - the entirety of Liverpool and Everton football clubs have banned the outlet's reporters from attending press conferences.

In 2006, Ashley Cole sued the paper and the now-defunct News of the World for harassment, libel and breach of privacy, and in 2014, Danny Simpson followed suit and sought libel damages after they labelled him a "homewrecker" on their front page.

The Sun story goes on to claim that Mahrez said: "certain stars dislike the game and only play for the money" and goes on to state that his ex-wife labelled him "big-headed" after his move to City.


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