Rio Ferdinand's cryptic tweet has Man Utd fans clinging to Ronaldo hope 8 months ago

Rio Ferdinand's cryptic tweet has Man Utd fans clinging to Ronaldo hope

We can't keep up

Seriously, Rio. If this *isn't* a tweet about Cristiano Ronaldo, now really is not the time.


It's been a brutal 48 hours or so for many a Manchester United fan. Cristiano Ronaldo, it seems, stands on the cusp of the unthinkable: a move to Manchester City.

Their former number seven, after years and years of being linked with a return to Old Trafford, appears completely undaunted at the prospect of tarnishing his reputation at Old Trafford by moving to the Etihad.

Understandably, it's a lot to take in for many United fans, who have been forced to try and make their peace with it.


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Step forward Rio Ferdinand, who many United supporters are hoping - no, praying - knows something a lot of us don't.

Ferdinand has remained in touch with Ronaldo since the pair played together at United and tweeted a GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio in his role as Calvin Candie in Django Unchained, captioned with '..............'.


But what does it mean? Well, we, like everyone else, have absolutely no idea.

But it has been enough for some United fans to cling to the hope that it means Ronaldo's City move could be off after all.


Some have even gone as far as saying it could mean United have entered the race to bring him back to Old Trafford, 12 years on from his departure.

Surely not. Surely, surely not.