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09th Jun 2017

Rio Ferdinand wants Piers Morgan to be Prime Minister, Joey Barton isn’t having it

"I've sat back and watched the 2017 election unfold... shambles!"

Robert Redmond

“I’ve sat back and watched the 2017 election unfold… shambles!”

Rio Ferdinand, like most of the UK, spent Thursday night and early Friday morning watching the general election results come in. The Conservative Party suffered a damaging night, losing 12 seats and falling short of a majority.

Considering the party entered the election aiming to achieve a clear majority, it has been something of a disaster.

Theresa May will remain as Prime Minister, for now, but her power has been eroded, and few expect her to remain in office for long.

Who’ll eventually replace her is another matter, but Ferdinand gave his two cents.

The former Manchester United defender nominated Piers Morgan for number 10.

However, Rio’s former QPR teammate Joey Barton wasn’t having it. Barton evidently isn’t a fan of the former editor of the Daily Mirror, and disgruntled Arsenal fan.

Barton quoted Ferdinand’s tweet, and wrote:

“As last night has shown, we’ve enough politicians with a false sense of entitlement. Last we need is another.”


Morgan replied by tweeting:

“Want a bet, Pitbull?”

Barton hasn’t replied.

Rio’s original tweet didn’t go down well with his followers.

But he returned with another politically themed tweet, saying he was just trying to start a debate.