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30th Sep 2016

Rio Ferdinand isn’t too pleased with his FIFA 17 ratings

The player ratings are already causing debate

Simon Lloyd

We’ve been banging on about all the new stuff on FIFA 17 for months now, and on Thursday, the game was finally released.

With its many changes, there’s clearly lots about the new game to get excited about… but when it comes to player ratings, history shows that it’s impossible to keep everyone happy.

Take Rio Ferdinand for example. The former Manchester United and England defender appears on the game as one of its legends and boasts an over all rating of 88. But that doesn’t mean he’s all that pleased about things…

A tweet from Rio questioned the ratings he had been given for pace and passing.

‘In my prime.. 81 Pace & 65 Passing,’ he tweets.  ‘Don’t let me come in and have to tear the place down!’

To put his pace rating into context, current Manchester Unitede defender Eric Bailly has also been awarded an 81. It doesn’t exactly make Rio a slouch, but it’s worth remembering that he was one of the quickest centre-halves in the game when at the peak of his powers.

Although he’s not the first (and certainly won’t be the last) to suggest that FIFA have got their ratings wrong, we should point out that it’s not as if the folks behind the game don’t do their research. We told you recently how a team of over 9,000 people are involved in the process of calculating player ratings for the game, ensuring each player is valued as fairly as possible.