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12th Apr 2017

Richard Keys must regret trying to get the better of Jamie Carragher on Twitter

Gary Neville also got involved...

Robert Redmond

Jamie Carragher was in great form on Monday night dissecting Arsenal’s last defeat.

Carragher hammered Arsene Wenger’s team in his analysis following the three-nil loss to Crystal Palace, labelling them “cowards” and then tore into Theo Walcott for his post-game comments.

Arsenal’s captain on the night claimed that he could sense before the match kicked-off that Palace were more motivated, and said the performance didn’t reflect the true nature of his team.

Carragher tore strips off Walcott and his apparent defeatist attitude, and correctly said the performance perfectly reflected Arsenal, who have now lost four away games in a row.

People watching at home would have agreed with the majority of what Carragher said. And, if not, would have found it a very entertaining piece of broadcasting.

However, one man had an issue with the former Liverpool defender’s analysis – Richard Keys.

The former Sky Sports presenter, who left the company in 2011 after his inappropriate comments about a female match official were leaked, called out Carragher over his description of Arsenal players as “cowards.”

However, Carragher stood his ground, and took a dig at Keys, the former Monday Night Football presenter who refers to his current show with Andy Gray on BeIN Sports as the “Real MNF.”

Keys came back for more, referencing Liverpool’s failure to win the league title during Carragher’s time at the club. It was an ill-advised move.

Carragher’s reply smashed it.

Keys has yet to respond, and although he loves banter, that’s probably a wise decision.

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