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13th Apr 2017

Richard Keys hits back at Jamie Carragher with some really sneaky digs

"You see how easy it is to get personal?"

Robert Redmond

Richard Keys tried to get the better of Jamie Carragher on Twitter on Tuesday night.

It didn’t go well.

The former Sky Sports presenter was unhappy with Carragher’s description of Arsenal’s players the previous night.

Arsenal lost 3-0 to Crystal Palace and Carragher referred to them as “cowards” following the defeat. In fairness, it was a pretty pathetic performance, and many would echo the view of the former Liverpool defender, including Arsenal fans.

However, Keys wasn’t pleased.

Keys, who left Sky Sports in 2011 after his inappropriate comments about a female match official were leaked, tweeted Carragher directly.

But Carragher hit back.

However, Keys, who currently works for BeIN Sports in Qatar, seems determined to have the last word.

In his latest blog post, Keys claims that he is still disappointed with Carragher’s comments, and called on “today’s young ‘analysists'” to analyse the game and stop using derogatory terms for footballers if they play poorly.

He also questioned Carragher’s use of the word “coward,” and took a few snide digs at him. He doesn’t mention the former Liverpool defender by name, but it’s clear who he is referring to.

“I sometimes wonder how today’s ‘analysts’ – few of whom have ever had the courage to coach themselves (is that cowardice?) would’ve reacted if we’d described their performances in the same way? Before you all start screaming again – what is cowardice in football? Is it failing to win the title year on year?

“Is it walking away from your country because you can’t get a game? Is it messing up a penalty shoot out because you don’t know the rules? No, of course not, it’s none of those things, but you see how easy it is to get personal?”