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12th Nov 2015

REVEALED: This is how many anti-Liverpool chants Manchester United fans sing

The most hated club in the Premier League?

Ben Kenyon

The Premier League has always had its villains.

But Liverpool might just be football fans’ most hated top flight club, if new research by is anything to go by.

Kopites are on the end of no fewer than 50 derogatory terrace chants from rival fans, according to the website.

You won’t be surprised to hear that 12 of them are sung by sworn enemies down the road at Old Trafford.

One of them is the infamous ‘Sign On’ version of the Anfield anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ which is sung by a further 15 clubs.

Liverpool sadly aren’t the top target of the United faithful. Red Devils fans can boast 32 out of the 39 anti-Man City chants heard on England’s terraces.


But obviously dishing out all this abuse through the medium of song was always going to get some comeback for United. There are 34 chants doing the rounds sticking the boot in Louis van Gaal’s men.

The most popular of which is the classic ‘Who the f**k are Man United’ sung by at least 11 clubs in England.

FanChants research shows that Tottenham supporters come in for a fair bit of flak from opposing fans with 42 anti-Spurs songs. The only surprise is that Arsenal are only behind 25 of them, according to the Liverpool Echo.

But while Liverpool seem to be top of the Premier League pile for fans slagging them off, there is one English club that towers above them all.

A club apparently so despised that there are actually at least 117 chants in existence.

Leeds United, ladies and gentlemen.

The site claims the most widely sung chant in the country, by 41 clubs, is “We all hate Leeds scum”.

Well that’s not very nice!