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04th May 2020

Premier League games set to be shown on YouTube for free


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There are 92 games left in the Premier League season

Premier League games could be shown live on YouTube for free when the season eventually resumes.

Plans are currently being discussed among the 20 Premier League clubs as to how they might safely restart the season behind-closed-doors. Neutral venues, constant testing for all staff, and potentially taking relegation off the table are all options that have been discussed.

A number of proposals are being considered regarding broadcasts for the final 92 games of the top flight season, with club bosses reportedly keen to have a number of games available for no cost on YouTube, as well as airing matches on the usual subscription services like Sky Sports and BT Sport, according to Mail Sport.

It is believed that the Premier League will look to complete the season within a period of seven weeks, with clubs playing a number of games every week.

The push to have every game live and available to fans is due to the fact that all stadiums will be empty, and without games on terrestrial television, clubs are now considering airing games on YouTube.

In previous years, BT Sport have aired the Champions League and Europa League finals on their YouTube channel, as well on their subscription services.