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03rd Jun 2018

Referee learns that he should never turn his back on the fighters

They just kept on swinging

Darragh Murphy

So those two chaps really didn’t like each other then.

Joao Elias and Gabriel Wolff simply couldn’t get enough of beating the snot out of each other when they met on the Imortal FC 9 card in Maranhao, Brazil.

The flyweight bout was a fiery one and neither man wanted a break in the action when the referee halted proceedings so that he could get a doctor to examine a nasty cut to Elias’ face.

The official broke the pair up from a couple of leg-lock attempts and turned his back on the action to get the doctor’s attention.

That proved to be an unwise decision as the fighters refused to listen to the ref’s instructions and just continued swinging heavy leather.

Even when he attempted to get in between the fighters, the referee was unable to stop several head kick attempts from Wolff.

It wasn’t until the fighters’ coaches and Imortal FC president Stefano Sartori rushed into the cage that they were able to separate the competitors.

After much confusion and chaos, the decision was reached to rule the fight a No Contest, according to MMA Fighting.

To be fair, we imagine both Elias and Wolff continued fighting all the way back to their cars that night.