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19th Aug 2015

Raheem Sterling’s Merseyside mansion could be yours for just 1/30th of a Raheem Sterling

Kevin Beirne

When Raheem Sterling swapped Liverpool for Man City, he didn’t just leave Reds fans with thoughts of what might have been – he also left behind a house that he’d quite like someone to buy.

Following his £49m move to the Etihad Stadium, the winger has put his Southport home up for sale for £1.5m – or just one-thirtieth of his transfer fee.

But while £1.5m might not get you much if you’re shopping for a footballer, it will land you one hell of a house – as well as one hell of a garden.

Inside, the 20-year-old has kitted the place out with two TV rooms:

Perhaps the most unique feature of Sterling’s old place is his Michael Jackson room – complete with its own bar and DJ set. No word on whether or not the MJ memorabilia is included:

And no luxury mansion is complete without a pool and possibly a jacuzzi too. Thankfully, Raheem’s got you covered.

We wonder if he’s willing to rent.