Raheem Sterling pays for 550 kids at his old school to go to FA Cup semi-final 3 years ago

Raheem Sterling pays for 550 kids at his old school to go to FA Cup semi-final

Protect Raheem Sterling at all costs

It's well established now that Raheem Sterling is a thoroughly nice man. Generous, humble, and supremely talented, he has risen above everything thrown at him to become a true role model. And he keeps setting new records of good-blokery.


In his latest act of kindness, Sterling bought 550 tickets to Manchester City's FA Cup semi-final against Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday for students at his old school in Wembley, north-west London, as reported by the Mail.


The Mail also report that Sterling will pay for students to travel up from the Ark Elvin Academy to Manchester City's complex on Thursday to meet the star and see the facilities, on top of buying them all tickets to Saturday's game.

One inside source is quoted as saying: "Raheem wanted to do something for the kids from his old school and approached the club to see what could be done. They are going to come up and meet him and then they are going to watch him in action.

"It pretty much sums up the kind of guy he is. He hasn't made a fuss over it and he doesn't really want attention. It's just a decent thing to do."

Man City have struggled to sell out their allocation for this semi-final, which perhaps shouldn't come as a surprise given they have nine matches to play this month, and have had countless trips to Wembley in recent years.


What better way to fill out the stadium than inviting kids from Sterling's old school, just a stone's throw away from the stadium?

Sterling truly is the hero we need, but do not deserve.