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20th Sep 2022

QUIZ: Where did they sign him from? #1

Simon Lloyd

Quiz time

Some of you will be familiar with our 50 Question Quizzes by now. Having already tested your knowledge of Champions League and Premier League players from yesteryear, it’s time for something a little bit different…

The imaginatively named ‘Where did they sign him from?’ quiz gives you pictures of 50 footballers representing various football clubs at certain points in their careers and – you guessed it – asks you to work out which club they were signed from.

To be absolutely crystal clear on this, we’re only looking for the club they were signed from, not just any of their previous clubs. So if we give you a picture of Eric Cantona in his Manchester United clobber, the correct answer would be Leeds United – not Marseille or any of his other previous clubs.

Got it? Of course you have.

The very best of luck…

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