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27th May 2022

QUIZ: Name the XI of players to win the Premier League with two clubs

11 players have won the Premier League with two different clubs, you have 20 minutes to name them - we've even given you some clues

Reuben Pinder

Let’s just clarify a few things

There are 11 players who have won the Premier League with two different clubs. These players just about form a makeshift 3-5-2, with a couple of them shoehorned into an unfamiliar role. In this team, it’s the right wing-back (who is actually a left-back), and the number 10, who is more of a natural winger.

That, and the fact that players like Mo Salah and Nathan Ake do not count. Salah was out on loan for the second half of 14-15 and Ake did not get a medal in 16/17.

I have maxxed out the time limit on this one to 20 minutes, if you have to pause the clock, I won’t hold it against you. But you’ll have to live with the shame forever.

Good luck.