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QUIZ: Name the Champions League winners from the clubs they played for
Work out the CL winner using nothing but the badges of the clubs they played for

Some of these are much easier than others...

Looking to waste away a few minutes of your day with a Champions League quiz? You are? Excellent. You're in just the right place.

Below are five pictures, each representing the career of a football player that has won the Champions League in the last 15 years.

Using nothing more than the badges of the clubs each player played for during their careers, we'd like you to try and work out who each one is.

Before you start, it's worth noting we've not included any of the clubs the players might have played for on loan. We should also make clear that some of the players have yet to retire.

As always, you only need to enter surnames when typing your answer in the boxes below each picture.

Best of luck!

Player 1


Player 2

Player 3

Player 4


Player 5

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