QUIZ: Every Euro Championship goalscorer this century 3 months ago

QUIZ: Every Euro Championship goalscorer this century

240 players have scored goals at European Championships this century

Bored? 20 minutes to kill? Good. You're in the right place.


Below you'll find a quiz about the European Championships. The concept is simple enough, even if you've not got a cat in hell's chance of getting anywhere close to full marks...

We're asking you to name as many of the 240 different goalscorers at European Championship this century as you possibly can. See? Told you it was tricky. If this one isn't for you, you'll find plenty of other slightly less taxing quizzes below.

Still with us? Good. Now, where were we...

Clearly, we don't expect anyone to get 100 per cent on this, all that we ask is you try your very best and brag about it when you get a better score than your pals.

We've given you the national flag and tournaments of each scorer, all you have to do is type in their surname to get the marks. Oh, and, because we're kind, we've also made life easier for you with a few of the harder-to-spell ones.


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