QUIZ: Can you name each of the default FIFA stadiums? 1 year ago

QUIZ: Can you name each of the default FIFA stadiums?

The FIFA series is the king of licensed products

If there's one thing that makes EA Sports' FIFA series stand out from competitors like Pro Evolution Soccer it's the fact that FIFA has pretty much every licence under the sun.


They have almost every team, almost every league and almost every competition in football, but there are some limitations to what they can cover.

The simple fact is that EA Sports has a certain amount of people and time to work with and as such, not every stadium in world football gets a CGI model within the game.

Instead, what they do is create incredibly generic default stadiums, most of which cannot really be placed in a particular region or country, perhaps aside from hints given by their names.

This is one (of the least important) reasons that Leeds United fans have been so pleased to see their side return to the Premier League. Finally, Elland Road is in the game, rather than fans being forced to play [redacted].

So below we have a quiz featuring all default stadiums from the game, and you have to tell us what their names are.


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