QUIZ: Name all 50 of these 2000s Champions League players - #2 11 months ago

QUIZ: Name all 50 of these 2000s Champions League players - #2

We go again

Yet again, the time has come to test your knowledge of Champions League players of yesteryear.


Those of you who attempted the first edition of this quiz - which you can find by clicking here - will know exactly how this works. The rest of you should be able to fathom it out easily enough but if not, please accept the slightly patronising explanation that follows.

Below we give you 50 images of players who, at some stage in the 2000s, played in the Champions League with varying degrees of success. All you have to do is identify who they are from the two options given below each one. Some are very, very easy; others less so.

We highly doubt you'll get top marks but we expect you to at least do better than all your mates. You're better than them. We know this.

Now go, do your best and - *primary school teacher voice* - remember: this is about showing what you know. It isn't trying to trick you.

Let's begin...


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