Premier League clubs to consider legal action if postponement rules change 5 months ago

Premier League clubs to consider legal action if postponement rules change

The Premier League will discuss the rules surrounding covid at the next meeting

The Premier League could face legal actions from clubs if they change the current rules on postponing games due to covid.


As reported by the Mail on Sundayteams in the top-flight have been left frustrated by the inconsistency shown by the league when it comes to postponing games.

The most recent of these came when Arsenal's request to postpone the North London Derby was accepted last weekend - despite having just one confirmed case of covid in the squad.

Many believe that clubs are using the added excuse of injuries to key players and those unavailable due to competing at the African Cup of Nations - with Premier League clubs set to meet in the next two weeks to discuss the best route forward.


One medic from an unnamed club believes that other teams are "taking the piss out of the rules."

But according to leading football QC, Nick De Marco, a change in the rules, which were first implemented back in December, could lead to clubs seeking injunctions against the Premier League based on inconsistency and unfairness.

"If they get rid of the current rules entirely, there is a risk of legal challenge," he said.

"Imagine a club are in the same circumstances as another club that had a match postponed.


"One club have the match postponed but the second club don't and then lose, which might lead to relegation, being outside the top six or finishing one place lower than another club, which in itself is worth a couple of million pounds.

"You can see why that would lead to legal challenges because of inconsistent treatment.

"The most likely challenge would be that the decision of the Premier League board was unreasonable, whether it was the rule change itself or if did not allow a cancellation in the same circumstances.

"Unreasonableness is one of the points of challenge under the Premier League rules."


The meeting is due to be held on Wednesday, 2 February.

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