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21st Nov 2018

Premier League clubs reject FA Brexit reduction on foreign players

Wayne Farry

premier league

The league said that there was “no evidence” that stronger quotas on foreign players would improve the national team

The Premier League has rejected a Football Association which would have seen a reduction in the number of foreign players in England after Brexit.

Current laws permit each Premier League team to have 17 foreign players in their squads, and the FA had floated the idea of reducing that number to 13 post-Brexit as many European players would not longer meet work permit requirements.

The idea of the proposal was that by limiting the number, and effectively increasing the homegrown quota, everyone involved could make a the best out of a bad situation by encouraging Premier League clubs to invest more time and money into the development of homegrown players.

The concept was borne out of the FA’s belief that a no-deal Brexit would see the number of foreign players in the country reduced by 66 percent due to work permit restrictions.

However, Premier League clubs have decided against the plan, concluding that such a measure would not in fact improve the quality of the England national team.

“The Premier League has held a range of conversations with government and stakeholders regarding the impact on British football of the UK leaving the European Union,” said a league spokesman in a statement.

“We currently operate rules that limit the number of non-home-grown players clubs can have in senior squads, while also working with clubs to operate a world-leading player development system which delivers for England teams at every level.

“This was demonstrated by the many Premier League club Academy and senior players that FA coaches moulded so well into U17 and U20 FIFA World Cup winners and men’s FIFA World Cup semi-finalists.

“There is no evidence that stronger quotas than exist now would have a positive impact on national teams.”