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11th May 2016

Prank call to legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach results in promising news for Conor McGregor

The joke's on them

Ben Kiely

Freddie Roach has revealed he is willing to train Conor McGregor…just not for Floyd Mayweather.

The famed boxing coach has worked with elite pugilists such as Manny Pacquaio, Miguel Cotto as well as MMA fighters including Dan Hardy and, arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all, Georges St-Pierre.

Roach explained during a recent interview with Fight Hub TV that he was contacted by someone from who claimed to be from Conor McGregor’s team over the possibility of training the Notorious for the supposed superfight against Floyd Mayweather.

The phone call was later discovered to be a prank.

Roach laughed off the idea of preparing McGregor specifically to take on Mayweather, joking that he’d need at least three years to do that job, but he admitted that he would be open to the idea of working with the featherweight champion.

“I’ll help him, I like helping people. But I’m not gonna train him to fight Mayweather. I’ll have to train him for at least three years to get him ready to fight Mayweather.”

If it’s good enough for GSP, it should be good enough for McGregor. At least he knows now that he’ll always have the option to work with one of the best boxing coaches in the sport’s history.