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13th Sep 2016

Piers Morgan refuses to back down from withering Celtic prediction

Bhoys fans have hit back.

Patrick McCarry

Piers Morgan is not paid to be a shrinking violet.

Good Morning Britain is getting some publicity for the first time in a while and Morgan is a bit part of it.

On Monday morning, he got into trouble for biting and ripping a new £5 note.

This morning, he riled Celtic fans by declaring their team would be savaged at Camp Nou by Barcelona.

Morgan has a point. Celtic are 28/1 to cause one of the greatest upsets in Champions League history and do what they did at Celtic Park in 2012 – beat Barca.

Still, his language was somewhat crude and he seemed to revel in the delivery of their prediction that they would be “hammered”.

One Twitter user did not take kindly to the former Daily Mirror and News of the World editor’s tone. Morgan did not care a jot:

As ever with Morgan, plenty were quick to remind him of his previous Twitter activities. This was one of the best:

As another user points out, something is not a fact until it happens. Rather, it is just an opinion.

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