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17th Mar 2016

PIC: Poor Wayne Rooney tried his best to mark St Patrick’s Day but made a pretty huge mistake

Nooruddean Choudry

Bless our Wayne.

We love to poke a little fun at Rooney on occasions, and it’s nearly always in playful jest. After all, the Man United skipper doesn’t always help himself.

But on this occasion, it’s an easy enough mistake that anyone could make. Kinda.

Trying his best to mark St Patrick’s Day, the England captain posted an Instagram image of himself (sans hair transplant) with old pals John O’Shea, Jonny Evans, and the Premier League trophy.

Sadly for Rooney, he used the Ivory Coast flag (orange/white/green), rather than that of the Republic of Ireland (green/white/orange). So it would have more of a resonance with Yaya and Kolo Toure than John and Jonny.

Never change, Wayne. Never change.