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01st Nov 2015

Man City star Jesus Navas’ car is… refreshingly underwhelming (Pics)


Ben Kiely

One thing’s for sure, Jesus Navas isn’t pouring his massive fortune down the tank of some gas-guzzling supercar.

Despite earning a whopping £90,000 a week at the Etihad, the Spaniard appears to be reluctant to splash his cash on a luxury car.

According to the Sun‘s Dream Team FC, Navas drives a bog-standard Nissan Micra which is valued at £8,000.

The revelation was made in a video on Manchester City’s official YouTube channel, where Navas was caught on camera driving into the club’s training ground in the Micra.

He is then seen getting out of the vehicle and says hello to the camera before he enters the training facility.

Somehow we can’t imagine the likes of Raheem Sterling or Wayne Rooney driving one of these.