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04th Jan 2016

PIC: David Beckham is absolutely buzzing about Zidane’s appointment as Real Madrid manager

Nooruddean Choudry

True bromance never dies.

Becks loves Zizou and Zizou loves Becks. It will always be that way.

The former teammates have a special bond and respect that goes back to the days when Zidane was still at Juventus and Beckham was at Man United.

On Monday it was announced that Rafa Benitez had been sacked as the first-team manager of Real Madrid, and that he had been replaced by Zidane.

Many remain highly doubtful about the decision, but no one is more ecstatic than his old friend David.

Here is the England man’s excited response to the news…

Does it get any better than this ?? A man that has been the best at a game we all love , taking over of a club that myself and many more people love… Someone with drive , passion and also doesn’t accept failure on any level.. Taking over from a manager that has huge experience and respect in the game , but taking on a position that he will relish … THE BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB