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21st Aug 2018

Petition for Tottenham Hotspur to be deducted points over stadium debacle reaches 10,000 signatures

Tottenham will not be able to move into their new stadium as soon as planned and opposition fans believe they should be deducted points

Reuben Pinder

Spurs have not been able to move into their stadium as early as initially planned

A petition calling for Tottenham Hotspur to be deducted points has reached 10,000 signatures.

The petition was created through and thousands of football fans, many perhaps tongue-in-cheekly, have signed it in the hope that the north London club will be sanctioned for being behind schedule with their stadium plans.

The original plan was for Spurs to play at Wembley for the 2017/18 season before moving into the new ground, built in the same place as the old White Hart Lane, for this season. However, delays meant that they had to play their first few home games of the season at Wembley, and further delays have created uncertainty over when the club will be able to move into their new stadium.

A ‘Tom Smith’ set up the petition after it was announced that Tottenham’s match against Liverpool, supposed to be the new ground’s inaugural football match, would have to be played at Wembley because of concerns with the new stadium’s “critical safety systems”.

The creator of the petition writes: “This is an issue that Tottenham and their owner Daniel Levy have known for some time but they continued to lead their own fans and the public up the garden path, surely the FA have to punish them for their actions, a smaller club would receive a points deduction, so what makes Tottenham an exception to this?”

As of 4pm on Tuesday some 10,283 people had signed the petition.

Regular contributor to AFTV, ‘DT’, tweeted a link to the petition, prompting many Arsenal fans to sign it. Several Spurs fans seem to believe that Arsenal fans looking to cause trouble are behind the petition.